About Us


AGENCY facilitates spaces to nourish our purpose: centering the creative practices of artists who need a
culture of support not provided by mainstream and institutional art systems, and more importantly, making
space for them to forge their own paths


Create an intentional space centering BIPOC artists and cultural producers. In an inclusive approach to
reducing barriers, we encourage artists who also have lived experiences of marginalized identities in the art
world to participate such as — Bipoc women, queer, trans and non-binary artists. We acknowledge these
identities and experiences as intersectional and layered. Artists are invited to express and realize their
artistic practices in a way that makes sense to their cultural context and personal goals, rather than being
expected to adjust to a structured program model.

Agency facilitates engagements in which individuals and organizations can pool their knowledge, skills, and resources and act in concert to shape their collective futures.


In the wake of Covid-19--mis-information, corporate greed, social injustice and civil unrest--Agency is taking this opportunity to rebuild a better foundation and re-define our communities' relationships with the city and developers by bringing us all to the table, sharing resources and creating mutual benefit. There is a cultural renaissance burgeoning in Oakland. The Loom will be the epicenter where together as a community, we place art and culture at the forefront ushering in the Restoring 20's a future grounded by diversity, equity, and better opportunities for all.


Community Partners

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ENDEAVORS is a grassroots initiative that creates better opportunities for our community through supporting and uplifting the many voices that represent Oakland’s rich BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) creative culture and small businesses.


THE PEOPLE'S CONSERVATORY trains young artist explorers, with a dedicated focus on brown and black youth from marginalized and economically blighted communities, to envision and create a humane and just world through their art.

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THE LOOM is an urban village where tenants, visitors, artists and neighbors are all vital parts of a collective vision: creating a self-powered and regenerative community where how we live, work and play is intertwined.